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After 41 years of working at Richgrove School, Julie is retiring and going off to enjoy a well deserved long vacation.  We will miss her and would like to thank her for fighting to be one of the last school districts to feed fresh authentic food to its population!  Here is her story...

I grew up in Richgrove and attended Olive Norwood elementary school (now known as Richgrove School) from kindergarten through 8th grade.  In 1980, I began working at Richgrove School as a substitute cafeteria worker and became part of the kitchen staff in 1981.  In 1992, I was promoted to Cafeteria Manager and began overseeing the school’s lunch program.

 I have had the privilege and honor of working with and leading a group of dedicated men and women who have loved their jobs.  Like a mom and grandma, our kitchen staff has always prepared our food with love.

 I will truly miss the students, teachers, and staff, I got to know along my journey. 

 One piece of advice I would like to offer our students is that not everyone dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or firefighter.  Our great big world is not run only by doctors and lawyers, but also our equally important farm workers, janitors, fast food workers, teachers’ aides, and even cafeteria workers.  Whatever you choose to do, remember to do it with respect, integrity, and pride; always treat others as you would like to be treated. Thank you for all the fond memories, Richgrove:  Popcorn & Pickle Fridays, annual staff gatherings, student vs staff games, decorating for the holidays, and being a judge in our Halloween costume contests.  These memories will be forever in my heart. 


Do not forget to eat your fruits and vegetables!

Julie Martin