PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT: Richgrove School is currently looking for a four-hour Monday-Friday custodial employee. This is a position that is based on funding and would be a year to year hire based on funding. The primary responsibility of this employee will be to disinfect student and staff areas throughout the day as part of COVID-19 disinfection routine. If interested please fill out classified application found on this site and email to or drop off at District Office. Position will be flown until filled. Applicant must pass a background check before gaining employment. Thank You Administration.
about 2 hours ago, Mario Millan
Richgrove Parents, The 2nd Semester ended last Friday February 26th. Beginning next week teachers will be contacting parents to set up Zoom appointments to go over report cards.
2 days ago, Mario Millan
In accordance with the State of California, County Health Dept. and COVID data Richgrove School will begin to phase in a percentage of students into the classrooms. RSD will begin with it's lowest grades and work towards 6th grade each week. Parents were contacted and those that chose to send their children back to campus when available will have their opportunity soon. Those that chose to stay in Distance Learning will continue in that format. To meet CDC requirements in social distancing roughly 50% of the students can be in a classroom. All students will have temperature checked at their designated gate and must wear a mask at all times while on campus unless they are on a "mask break." Please take time to have students practice wearing masks for long periods of time. In-Person instruction will be from 8:05 AM to 11:05 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Every Wednesday will be Distance Learning for all students so the classrooms can be deep cleaned in the middle of the week. The District Office will contact each parent that chose In-Person instruction to let you know when you will return and you will also receive a letter. School uniforms will be waived for the remainder of this school year. Meals will be given when leaving campus. TK and Kinder will begin on Monday March 8th and will enter at the bus drop off gate. Teachers will contact you with further instructions. We are so excited to get some of our students back on campus! See you soon Warriors!
2 days ago, Mario Millan
There will be FREE COVID-19 testing today, Thursday, February 25th, and tomorrow from 12 PM to 8 PM at the Memorial Building parking lot here in Richgrove. Please take advantage of this event!
6 days ago, Mario Millan
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Lunch today, soft taco, rice, steamed corn and diced apricots! Come and get it!
7 days ago, Mario Millan
Image of lunch today. Soft taco and rice.
Good Afternoon, This is Mr. Millan and I am calling to let you know that over the next few weeks some students will taking mandatory state tests. During that time students may be on different independent daily work schedules. Your teacher will send out information on Class Dojo about this asynchronous work time. Please reach out to your teacher with any questions. Thank You.
8 days ago, Mario Millan
Happy Friday everyone! This is Mr. Millan and I want to remind everyone that there will be no school this upcoming Monday February 15th in observance of President's Day. Enjoy your three day weekend and we will see all again on Tuesday the 16th.
19 days ago, Mario Millan
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Happy Friday everyone! This is Mr. Millan and I want to remind everyone that there will be no school this upcoming Monday February 8th in observance of president's day. Enjoy your three day weekend and we will see all again on Tuesday the 9th.
26 days ago, Mario Millan
February 2, 2021 Dear Richgrove Parents/Guardians, As it stands today Richgrove School District is now in its 11th month of Distance Learning. We had all hoped that by this time we would find ourselves in at least some hybrid version of in-class instruction, but unfortunately that is not the case. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for doing your best to make the most of this difficult situation. RSD recognizes that many of your lives have been altered in order to stay home while your children are in Distance Learning and it is very honorable. Please know that our staff has worked very hard to do the best they can in this situation. They all wish that it was safe enough to return to the classroom with your amazing children. Currently the Tulare County COVID-19 Colored Tier numbers are still not low enough for us to return to school and so for the time being we will continue to be in Distance Learning. Our hope is at some point, before June, have low enough numbers to be able to bring some of our students back before our school year is over. Should this happen we will give the parents/guardians enough notice so that you can decide whether or not to allow your children to come back on campus or continue on Distance Learning Platform. You will have both options, if and when we are able to return. With that said, Richgrove School District whole-heartedly believes that the best location for the children of our community, during this uncertain time, is in the classroom surrounded by friends and caring adults, engaging in positive interactions that lead to lifelong learning and friends. However, as much as we want this to be our reality, we cannot do so until it is safe for all members of our school family to be able to step onto our campus and go back to their families under the safest circumstances possible in this time of COVID-19. Please know that we will make every effort possible to support and foster the virtual educational and socialization process so as to minimize the lack of in person contact that we are missing. We realize this continues to be challenging for our families, and we appreciate your support and patience. We are grateful for all that our students, parents and staff have done to support the continuity of education, safety, and addressing the nutritional needs of our students during school closures. This pandemic is not over, but it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the help of vaccines. We ask for your continued support in our cumulative battle to provide the best educational experience we can for our students in this unprecedented time. As a District, we will continue to improve in every aspect of educational and emotional growth to make the best of this difficult situation. Together we must work to keep our children, community and staff as safe as possible. We ask for your support in this battle and that we all remain Richgrove Warrior Strong! Sincerely, Mario Millan Superintendent Richgrove School District
29 days ago, Mario Millan
Wearing a mask.
This week is Red Ribbon Week. Here are the themes for each day during Zoom classes: Monday-Crazy Hat Day Tuesday-Favorite Sports Team Wednesday-Wear Pink Day Thursday-Super Hero Shirt Day Friday-School Pride/Wear School Colors
4 months ago, Richgrove School District
Richgrove Warriors!
Five new classrooms completed, six new classrooms almost done and one brand new Kindergarten classroom just getting started! The campus is really looking good for future Richgrove students! #MakingRichgroveProud
5 months ago, Richgrove School District
Construction of new classrooms at Richgrove School
5 months ago, Richgrove School District
Phase I of our new classrooms are now open and in operation for our 3rd and 4th grade students. Today, Phase II classrooms were placed and the hope is that in October our brand new 5th and 6th grade classrooms with modern student furniture and technology will be open for business! We hope to have our students back soon so they can enjoy their 11 new classrooms! #MakingRichgroveProud
5 months ago, Richgrove School District
Building Richgrove School District's new classrooms